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AlphaWire Company

Alpha Wire, headquartered in USA,  manufactures, markets, and distributes wire, multi-conductor cables, tubing, and related products for electronic and electrical markets.

AlphaWire Company, founded in New York City as a supplier of wire strengtheners to the millinery industry in 1922, grew to become a valued supplier to the expanding radio industry through the 1930's by producing wire and insulators for antennas.  Alpha used materials such as rubber and varnish-impregnatied textiles coat wire products. In the decades that followed, business was propelled by the defense industry's electronic needs during World War II and by the advent of television. Alpha’s product line grew proportionately, and Alpha began to explore new applications and introduced the use of plastics to insulate the wire and cables.

The products offered by the company include the following:

Cable Products:   
 *   Xtra-Guard® Performance Cable
          o Xtra-Guard® 1
          o Xtra-Guard® 2
          o Xtra-Guard® 3
          o Xtra-Guard® 4
          o Xtra-Guard® 5
          o Xtra-Guard® Flex
    * Manhattan™ Electrical Cable
          o Audio/Video
          o Computer
          o Instrumentation
          o Thermocouple
          o Control
          o Plenum
          o Coaxial
          o Cords/Cordsets
          o High Temperature
          o Security & Data
    * Communication, Control, & Industrial Cable
          o Communication & Control
          o Industrial Series Motor Supply Cable
          o Industrial Series Solar Cable
          o Low Smoke Zero Halogen
          o Series XM
          o Industrial Automation
          o Industrial Series F
          o Industrial Series L
          o Industrial Series M
          o Industrial Series P
          o Industrial Series S & SF
          o Industrial Series V (VFD)
          o Flat Cable
Wiring Products:
    *   Hook-Up Wire
          o Hook-Up Wire
          o EcoWire
          o Photovoltaic Wire
          o Dearborn Bulk Hook-Up Wire
          o Bus Bar
          o Ribbon Cable
    * Dearborn Marine
          o Marine Wire
          o Marine Cable
    * Kerrigan-Lewis Specialty Wire

Tubing Products:   
 * FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing
          o Shrink Tubing
    * FIT® Wire Management
          o Sleeving
          o Tubing
          o Braid
          o Lacing Tape
          o EMI Tape
    * FIT® Accessories
          o Heat Guns
          o Wrappable Sleeving Tool

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AlphaWire Company

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