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Cmpter Electronics Co., Limited

Cmpter Electronics is specialized in designs and manufacture:

  • RF Coaxial Connectors
  1. SMA connectors
  2. N connectors
  3. BNC connectors
  4. MMCX connectors
  5. MCX connectors
  6. 7/16 connectors
  • Precision connector
  1.  2.92mm connector
  2.  2.4mm connector
  3.  3.5mm connector
  4. 1.85mm connector
  5. SMA connector
  •  RF Adapters 
  • Cable Assembly  

These products are use for applications in the datacom/telecom, automotive, instrumentation aerospace and defense markets. 

We are well aware that providing a high performance, reliable connection is the primary factor in gaining the confidence of our customers, If your company have requirement for RF Coaxial Connectors, Precision connector, 2.92mm connector, 2.4mm connector, 3.5mm connector, 1.85mm connector, SMA Connectors, MMCX Connectors, BNC connectors, N type connectors, RF Adapters and Cable Assembly  and a understanding of your requirements, Please make Cmpter your first choice. 

We are a middle-sized company but we have  strong technical capabilities, advanced corporate culture, dynamic business strategy,  and excellent service, all of which have established the foundation for our success, We hope to develop and grow with collaborators! 

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Cmpter Electronics Co., L...

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More From Cmpter Electronics Co., Limited


 UFL to UFL connector for 1.32mm cables
 SMA Right Angle Bulkhead Female for PCB
 Precision Adapter, 2.92mm Female to 2.92mm Female, 4 Hole Flange
 SMA Female to 7/16 Male adapters
  N Male to SMA Female adapter
 SMA Straight Male Solder for RG405/Semi-rigid .086 cable Connectors
 SSMA Straight Female,4 Hole Flange,Metal Through the Wall
 1.85mm male to 1.85mm male adapter
  1.85mm Straight Female, 2 Hole Flange, Accept Pin
 Precision Adapter, APC-7 to 3.5mm Female
 1.85mm Straight Waterproof Bulkhead Male to 1.85mm Female adapters
 1.85mm Waterproof Bulkhead Female to 1.85mm Female adapter
  2.92mm Male Termination, 0.5W, 40GHz
 RF Adapter, SMA Female to MMCX Male
 Preset Torque Wrench With 8mm Bit For SMA, 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm Connectors
 Preset Torque Wrench With 19mm Bit For N Type Connectors
 SMB Right Angle Jack Connectors Crimp for LMR100/RG174/RG316 Cable
  SMB Right Angle Plug Connectors Crimp for LMR100/RG174/RG316 Cable
  SMA Straight Male to SMA Straight Male, Maxflex 141 Cable assembly
 SMA Straight Male to SMA Straight Male, RG142 Cable assembly
 N Straight Female 4 Hole Flange to MCX Right Angle Male, RG316 Cable assembly
 SMA Straight Male to SMA Straight Male,.086 Semi-Rigid Cable
 SMA Male to SMA Female right angle adapter, stainless steel material
  MMCX Right Angle Female Crimp for LMR100/RG174/RG316 Cable
 MMCX Right Angle Male Connectors Crimp for RG178 Cable
 MMCX Right Angle Male Connectors Crimp for RG316/LMR100/RG174 Cable
 N Straight Waterproof Bulkhead Female Connectors with Solder Cup
 SMA Straight Male to SMA Straight Male test cable assembly, DC to 26.5GHz
  Flexible Test cable assembly, N Male Connector to SMA Male Connector, DC to 18GHz
 N Straight Female to N Straight Female,Gore CXN3449 Cable
 SMA Straight Male to SMA Straight Male, .047 Simi-Rigid Cable
 Precision Adapter, Right Angle, SMA Female to SMA Female
 RF Coaxial N Straight Male Connector Clamp for LMR600 Cable
  RF Coaxial N Right Angle Male Connectors Crimp for LMR400 Cable
 RF Coaxial N Straight Male Connectors Crimp for LMR400 Cable