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Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company Limited

  Founded in 1965 Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of RF/microwave connectors and cables assemblies. Since then it has not changed its mission to provide quality RF/Microwave products for various applications. Their goal is to provide exceptional value to its loyal customers, through design, operating efficiency, integrity and service.

 Dynamic growth in the voice and data telecommunications sector of the electronics industry has stimulated global competition for many products. This has provided an avenue of growth for companies that can satisfy the demands of a cost-conscious marketplace with ever increasing expectations for reliability and innovative solutions.

As one of Taiwan's leading manufacturers in the booming precision electronics industry, Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company relies on 40 years of experience in producing high quality connectors for practically every need. State-of-the-art test equipment and manufacturing tools are utilized in the fabrication of every connector and cable assembly shipped from their facility. To remain in the forefront of their industry, Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company continues with their tradition of keeping pace with advanced technologies and allocating resources for research and development. 

It has always been the purpose of the organization to conduct every transaction in such a way that a mutual bond of good will is established between the customer and the organization. Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company endeavours to give prompt personal attention to all inquiries, to render intelligent cooperation in solving each individual requirement or a problem, and to complete orders with diligence and accuracy. They have a variety of RF products like standard and customized connectors and adapters to choose from. It also offers RF cable assembly services like GPS and many other applications.

Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company's website serves as an introduction to their standard products and services. If the item you require is not in these pages, they trust, they may have the opportunity of designing one to fit your application. They are pleased to help with your product inquiries. 

Thank you for your interest in Chin Nan Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Do Not Miss the Opportunity to Custom Design, Your Individual Product Requirements, Make a Product Inquiry.

 We are listing here, few of their new product launches and some standard products. For more information about their product and services one can visit their website at:

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