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Linx Technologies, Inc.

Linx Technologies, Incorporated in 1997, and based in Oregon (OR),  USA is involved in providing radio frequency (RF) products, and services.

Linx Technologies, Inc. is comprised of three divisions:Linx Technologies, Antenna Factor, and Connector City.

  • Linx Technologies specializes in hybrid wireless modules, OEM RF products, and interface solutions such as encoder/decoder ICs.
  • Antenna Factor specializes in cost-effective standard and custom antennas for a wide range of consumer and industrial wireless products.
  • Connector City provides high quality standard and custom connectors and cable assemblies for volume OEM applications.
  • The connector and cable products offered by the company include the following:


  • RP-SMA Connectos,
  • RP-MCX Connectors
  • RP-MMCX Connectors
  • MMCX Connectors
  • BNC, RP-BNC Connectors
  • TNC, SMB, N, and
  • Cable assemblies

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    Linx Technologies, Inc.

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