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Aeroflex Incorporated

Aeroflex Incorporated, founded in 1937 is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of microelectronic, and test and measurement products. The product range extends from Microelectronic solutions to supporting communication systems, networks and automatic test systems

The Company's product range include the following:

Microelectronic Solutions:

  • Avionic Microelectronics
  • Microwave & RF Devices
  • Microwave & RF Components
  • RF Modules
  • Mixed Signal ICs
  • Power Electronics
  • Circuit Card Assemblies
  • MultiChip Modules and Filters

Test Solutions Products:

  • Avionics Test
  • PMR and Parametric Test
  • Cellular and Parametric Test
  • Protocol and Conformance Test
  • BERT and Impairment Generator
  • Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Analyzers, and Phase Noise Analyzers
  • Microwave Counters and Power Meters
  • Fast Synthesizers and Signal Generators
  • Custom Modulated and Unmodulated Stimulus Products

Test Solutions Systems

  • Broadband Generators and Analyzers
  • Motion Control Products
  • Motors and Electronic Controllers
  • Gimbal Systems, Actuators & Mechanisms, and Optical Scanners

Isolator Products:

  • Spring Mounts
  • Elastomer Mounts
  • Seismic Mounts
  • Curbs and Bases
  • Vibration Hangers
  • Pad Mounts
  • Flexible Connectors
  • Cable Isolators

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Aeroflex Incorporated

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