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ATL Technology Ltd.

ATL Technology Limited, located in Ji'Nan, China, established in 1995,is engaged in manufacture and supply of network cables, communication cables, and optical cables. The company has factory at  Private Enterprise Industrial Park,, South Industry Road, Ji'Nan 250100, China. The company targets on international markets including  USA, South-Korea, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Latin America & Middle East area..

The products and services offered by the company include the following:


  • Network Cable 
  • Belden Cables
  • Telephone Cable
  • Control Cables 
  • Security Cable 
  • Marine, OIL, GAS & Petrochemical Cables
  • Microphone Cable
  • High Temperature Cables
  • Industrial Cables
  • Instrumentation Cable
  • Highway Cables
  • Rubber & Crane Cables Bus cables
  • Broadcasting Cable
  • Low Capacitance Twisted Pairs Cables
  • Patch Cord
  • Robotics Coaxial Cable
  • Data Cable Special Cables
  • Elastomeric Cable
  • Power Cables Truck Cable
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cord
  • Railway Cables Airport Cable
  • Thermocouple Cable
  • Spiral Cables Military Cables
  • Flexible Cables
  • RGB Monitor Composite Cable
  • SCSI Cable
  • IEEE 1394 Cable
  • Multi-conductor Cable Universal Serial Bus Cable
  • Magnet Wire



Co-axial cable types include the following:

  • RG Coax Cable
  • MB TV DOWN LEAD Coax Cable
  • RG59MIL Coax Cable
  • RG59MIL(0.12) Coax Cable
  • RG59B/U RBS Coax Cable
  • RG59B/U+4 CORE Coax Cable
  • RG6 FPE Coax Cable
  • RG11 Coax Cable
  • RG58 Coax Cable
  • RG62 LSF Coax Cable
  • RG178/U Coax Cable
  • RG223 Coax Cable
  • RG400 Coax Cable
  • RG188 Coax Cable
  • RG316 Coax Cable RG500 Coax Cable
  • RG59 Coax Cable
  • RG174A/U Coax Cable RG7 Coax Cable
  • RG213 Coax Cable RG179 LSF Coax Cable
  • RG179/U Coax Cable
  • RG59 B/U + 8723 LSF Coax Cable
  • RG6/U Coax Cable RG59/U Coax cable
  • RG6 Coax Cable
  • URM Coaxial Cable
  • URM67 LSF Coaxial Cable
  • URM70 RBS Coaxial Cable
  • URM70 LSF Coaxial Cable
  • CT Coax Cable
  • CT100PVC Coax Cable
  • CT 125PE Coax Cable CT100 + 4 CORE CABLE
  • VATC Coax Cable

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ATL Technology Ltd.

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