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Milli Watts to dBm Reference/Conversion Table

To convert from milliwatt (mW) to dBm, find the milliwatt value in the left column. The corresponding value in the right column is the dBm value.

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mW to dBm conversion table

Power (mW)Power (dBm)
0+ mW-∞ dBm
0.01 mW-20.0000 dBm
0.1 mW-10.0000 dBm
1 mW0.0000 dBm
2 mW3.0103 dBm
3 mW4.7712 dBm
4 mW6.0206 dBm
5 mW6.9897 dBm
6 mW7.7815 dBm
7 mW8.4510 dBm
8 mW9.0309 dBm
 9 mW9.5424 dBm
10 mW10.0000 dBm
100 mW20.0000 dBm
1000 mW30.0000 dBm
10000 mW40.0000 dBm
 100000 mW50.0000 dBm
 1000000 mW60.0000 dBm
 10000000 mW70.0000 dBm
100000000 mW80.0000 dBm
1000000000 mW90.0000 dBm
 10000000000 mW100.0000 dBm

RF Coax Cable Assembly Designer

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