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Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies from DC to 18 GHz in a wide range of RF connectors. As with our connectors, the cable used within an assembly is selected to perform precisely to your requirements. We can meet your needs using cable such as RG58/59, URM types right through to high temperature cables such as R...

Johnson Type N Bulkhead Jack Assembly

Johnson Type N Bulkhead Jack Assembly, RG316138-4303-407 The Johnson SMA Quick-Connect Plug quickly mates to a standard, threaded SMA Jack receptacle allowing rapid test connections to devices utilizing SMA threaded jacks. SMA electrical performance is not compromised because the co...

N Straight Plug to N Straight Plug Cable Assembly, RG58 415-0058-012

Emerson offers the following categories of RF & MW Cable & Assemblies. Please visit their company website for more details.( Coaxial Fixed Length Low Loss Cable Assemblie...

LMR Series Cable Assembly

LMR Series Cable Assembly Various assemblies under this category are listed below: --LMR 100A Cable --LMR 195 Cable --LMR 200 Cable --LMR 240 Cable --LMR 300 Cable --LMR 400 Cable Huang Liang offers manufac...

Seaflex 2 Cable Assembly

Overview Sealflex 2 microwave cable assemblies are designed for applications requiring consistent microwave performance through to 18 GHz and may be used with minimal degradation to 26 GHz with SMA connectors. All connector designs exhibit “mode free” characte...

UFL to UFL connector for 1.32mm cables

UFL to UFL connector for 1.32mm cables Lenght: 12inches or others Connector: UFL connector Frequency: 3GHz ...

Flexible Test cable assembly, N Male Connector to SMA Male Connector, DC to 18GHz

Flexible Test cable assembly, N Male Connector to SMA Male Connector for CTA-485, DC to 18GHz ...

RF & Coax

  Tyco Electronics offers both standard and custom RF cables. In the case of custom cable, Tyco’s expertise offer match between cable, connector and the application that meets customer’s exact requirements. Tyco treats every cable assembly application as unique, and...

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