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MULTIFLEX microwave cables

The flexible alternative to Semi-Rigid MULTIFLEX microwave cables are the flexible alternative to Semi-Rigid cables. They are used in commercial and military RF and microwave airborne systems, communication systems, cellular base stations and satellite ground systems. In brief: anywhere a "flexib...

RG401 7/16M-7/16F

Description: Cable accesories Type: ...

Semi Rigid 0.034in to 0.250in

The SR series cables range from .034 - .250 in diameter. All of the Semi-Rigid Cable used are MIL-17C qualified, with tin plated copper outer conductor. The SR series cables are typically custom built assemblies and formed to your specifications. These assemblies a...

Stable Cable

Meggitt offers RF semi rigid and flexible cables under the brand name Stable CableTM SiO2cabling offers advantages such as reduced bend radius, lightweight, less volume for a given insertion loss, and superior mechanical durability under hig...

SUCOFORM, the handformable microwave cable

The hand-formable cables are a form of semi-rigid cables with specially made end connectors. The cables exhibit better mechanical strength in forming the cable and good electrical performace due to special connectors. Specifications: ...

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