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Lightweight RG Coaxial Cable

Gore's lightweight RG Coaxial Cables are designed to be a direct replacement for RG Coaxial cables. These cables are suitable for use in commercial and military aircraft and are an ideal choice for aircraft electronics retrofits because they are small, flexible, and easy to route. Gore's cables ...

Fiber Optics for Aerospace and Military Applications

Gore provides high performance fiber optic cables and custom packaging for military and aerospace applications. Because of Gore's long heritage with the military and aerospace industries, Gore products better address the unique requirements of military and aerospace system designers. Gore is broa...

Fiber Optic Ribbon Cable

GORE® Fiber Optic Ribbon Cables are the world's most durable fiber-optic ribbon interconnects. They can be pulled through a one-inch conduit with a tensile force of 200 lbs. Gore cables also feature high signal density, flexibility, flex life, and impact resistance, and they meet telecom...


A high density optical version of the popular Mil-DTL-38999 Series III connector system. Uses Molex's proprietary LumaCore™ optical terminus technology to deliver dense optical connections with stable optical performance in harsh environments. Available in all...

STD 38999

Optical 38999, 28876 and ARINC COTS Assemblies Available for Military and Aerospace Applications Molex offers Military 38999 and 28876 style circular connector cable assemblies and ARINC 400 and 600 style avionic assemblies. With 15 years of fiber optics experience, Molex can meet the d...

Circular MT Cable Assemblies

High-density Circular MT Cable Assemblies designed for critical, high-reliability applications. Molex's rugged, high-density circular MT cable assemblies are designed to meet requirements mandated by telecommunication, military,medical and ...

Optical Fiber Distribution Cable

 AMP NETCONNECT offers a variety of optical fiber distribution cables; one such cable is described below. Suitable for horizontal and in-building backbone cabling and for direct termination with MT-RJ jacks and MT-RJ SECURE jacks as well as epoxy/polish, LightCrimp con...

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